How teachers are using social media to transform their lessons

I was recently interviewed by the Austrian Safer Internet team for an upcoming update for their VERY successful MOOC „Das Internet in meinem Unterricht, aber sicher!“ which is running on the VERY cool platform. Here is a teaser for the update:


The topic of the interview was how to integrate social media in teaching and we discussed many questions, such as „How much of a role should social media play in teaching and school life in general?“, „What should teachers pay attention to when integrating social media into their lessons?“ or „What tips and best practices can be given regarding social media?“

To see how I answered these questions, you can tune into the MOOC update in the fall. But if you are a teacher, and you’d like to consider preparing a few lessons or activities involving social media in the coming school year, or if you are considering starting a school social media channel, I’ve collected a few link tips below (English and German).


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Snapchat classroom


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