Takeaways from the EDUdays

I’ve just come back from the EDUdays 2017 in Krems (Austria), where I got to spend 2 days gaining ideas and inspiration on how to positively transform my own teaching and that of those in my sphere of influence. Needless to say, my head and heart are full now that I’ve come home. Educational conferences are always special to me, especially those for educational technologists like myself. You get to spend quality time with fellow educators, like-minded peers and passionate practitioners and researchers. And once you start attending these events, you bond with others, start exchanging experiences and begin contributing to the knowledge pool via workshops or presentations. Now is the time to jot down my to-dos and actions from the things learned from this conference. In no particular order, here are my main takeaways.
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A tale of 2 educational conferences: #DED15 & #ELDF15

Last week I had the privilege of attending two conferences for educators interested in digital learning and teaching: the eLearning Didaktik Fachtagung in Linz, Austria on 23rd October and the Digital Education Day in Cologne, Germany on 24th October. The latter was a lucky coincidence so to speak, as I was in town visiting relatives so I decided to stop by and meet my fellow #EDchatDE twitterers.

I say privilege because it’s always an opportunity for me, not only to meet friends and get to know new ones, but to learn a lot. And by a lot, I mean a great deal. Whenever I leave a conference I have a very long to-do list – articles to read, apps to try, links to check out, people to contact or actions to follow up on. And still, it remains one of the most enjoyable aspects of the teaching profession in my view. Here’s why … „A tale of 2 educational conferences: #DED15 & #ELDF15“ weiterlesen