50 Days of Keynote

Hello everyone! 😀

Those of you who are active on Twitter these days will have already seen that I have started a crazy project and voluntarily added to my own heavy workload. With my little Twitter challenge project 50daysofkeynote I will be presenting 50 things you can create in the classroom with this versatile app. Similar to 90DaysOfGarageband, this will mean I will post daily ideas on concrete learning products that can be created using only Keynote. Why have I decided to do this?

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Podcasts mit iPads erstellen

Podcasts sind weltweit sehr beliebt.  Es gibt derzeit alleine auf iTunes mehr als eine halbe Million verschiedene Podcasts. Das Format passt genau zum Zeitgeist: jederzeit und überall konsumieren … das hören was ich möchte wann ich möchte. Was für Videos (TV & Film) zutrifft, gilt für das Anhören von personalisierten Inhalten. 

Viele Unterrichtende lassen Podcasts im Unterricht produzieren, denn sie viele didaktische Vorteile mit sich bringen und zur Förderung von kommunikativen und medialen Kompetenzen beitragen können.  „Podcasts mit iPads erstellen“ weiterlesen

Nothing compares to Padlet

The edtech educator‘s equivalent of “The sky is falling!“ happened this week, last Monday to be exact. A pop-up message when opening Padlet explained, in friendly but finite terms, that the service (including features I’ve grown accustomed to using daily) would no longer be completely free going forward. The options were pay to play, 99€ a year, or live with the exisiting quota awarded, in my case 136 boards.

Gut punch. Inner cries of “oh no!“ grew louder as I checked Twitter to see if this was somehow an April Fool‘s joke. It wasn‘t. „Nothing compares to Padlet“ weiterlesen

How do YOU mindmap? Let us count the ways

I was recently in a training session in a small group of educators when we were tasked by the instructor to create a mindmap on a relevant topic of our subject curriculum. We all got to work and voilà! Each one of us created a mindmap, using different apps in each case, save one. I was amazed at the possibilities, not having realised the myriad options at our disposal. Here is a list of the apps we used. „How do YOU mindmap? Let us count the ways“ weiterlesen