A pub quiz for your class? Yes, we did!

You live, you learn. I heard about pub quizzes about 2 weeks ago when I was invited to „attend“ one that colleagues organised. Of course I was intrigued by the idea of a kind of trivia night for adults and naturally I was very interested in how this can be done remotely, during our lockdown. Apparently this is actually a thing, not only in real life, but also virtually, using Zoom or other conference software. So I dutifully logged on during the specified time and, lo and behold, had lots of fun while racking my brain to answer the questions. Not so easy but definitely enjoyable.

Image advertising the virtual pub quiz: https://twitter.com/JWeissenboeck/status/1255108180562128896

One interesting rule that really does work is that you’re not supposed to look up the answers online, which is really tough to adhere to if you are used to googling everything 🙂 The format is very appealing and brings people together, which is of course the main idea behind it.

Two nights later I participated in another one, this time among English-speaking colleagues in the Apple Distinguished Educator community. This time around it was even more fun because I was in a virtual team – together with colleagues sitting in the UK and the USA.

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How teachers are using social media to transform their lessons

I was recently interviewed by the Austrian Safer Internet team for an upcoming update for their VERY successful MOOC „Das Internet in meinem Unterricht, aber sicher!“ which is running on the VERY cool iMoox.at platform. Here is a teaser for the update:


The topic of the interview was how to integrate social media in teaching and we discussed many questions, such as „How much of a role should social media play in teaching and school life in general?“, „What should teachers pay attention to when integrating social media into their lessons?“ or „What tips and best practices can be given regarding social media?“

To see how I answered these questions, you can tune into the MOOC update in the fall. But if you are a teacher, and you’d like to consider preparing a few lessons or activities involving social media in the coming school year, or if you are considering starting a school social media channel, I’ve collected a few link tips below (English and German). „How teachers are using social media to transform their lessons“ weiterlesen

Takeaways from the EDUdays

I’ve just come back from the EDUdays 2017 in Krems (Austria), where I got to spend 2 days gaining ideas and inspiration on how to positively transform my own teaching and that of those in my sphere of influence. Needless to say, my head and heart are full now that I’ve come home. Educational conferences are always special to me, especially those for educational technologists like myself. You get to spend quality time with fellow educators, like-minded peers and passionate practitioners and researchers. And once you start attending these events, you bond with others, start exchanging experiences and begin contributing to the knowledge pool via workshops or presentations. Now is the time to jot down my to-dos and actions from the things learned from this conference. In no particular order, here are my main takeaways.
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21st century English Teaching: Embracing the Digital Age in your Classroom

This past week I had the pleasure of holding a workshop aimed at helping English teachers to integrate digital tools and learning technology in their language teaching. At the 10th annual English Teachers‘ Day at the University College of Teacher Education in Vienna, Austria, several hundred educators gathered to further their professional development and deepen their knowledge on how to use different methods, strategies and activities in their teaching practice. I was eager to exchange experiences with my fellow educators. What would this trip outside my personal „bubble“ reveal?  „21st century English Teaching: Embracing the Digital Age in your Classroom“ weiterlesen