Teachers of the internet, this is our time to shine!

It is no secret that the internet and related technological innovations have brought many opportunities for educators worldwide to connect with each other share resources and learn in ways not seen or experienced before. The world has become our classroom. And what goes on in our classrooms no longer stays behind closed doors.

These developments have the potential of enriching our communal learning journeys. Many teachers in online communities, social media or interest groups have shared their thoughts, impressions and experiences in the classroom – a habit which goes toward inspiring and informing colleagues and interested parties. Sites like Pinterest have proven popular with educators, showcasing the ideas and work of educators and their students.  However, some teachers are using internet fora to talk about (unflattering) things students or colleagues have done. With this blog post, I’d like to address this topic and give a few tips for the new school year. These tips may also prove to be handy for students of all ages. „Teachers of the internet, this is our time to shine!“ weiterlesen