A pub quiz for your class? Yes, we did!

You live, you learn. I heard about pub quizzes about 2 weeks ago when I was invited to „attend“ one that colleagues organised. Of course I was intrigued by the idea of a kind of trivia night for adults and naturally I was very interested in how this can be done remotely, during our lockdown. Apparently this is actually a thing, not only in real life, but also virtually, using Zoom or other conference software. So I dutifully logged on during the specified time and, lo and behold, had lots of fun while racking my brain to answer the questions. Not so easy but definitely enjoyable.

Image advertising the virtual pub quiz: https://twitter.com/JWeissenboeck/status/1255108180562128896

One interesting rule that really does work is that you’re not supposed to look up the answers online, which is really tough to adhere to if you are used to googling everything 🙂 The format is very appealing and brings people together, which is of course the main idea behind it.

Two nights later I participated in another one, this time among English-speaking colleagues in the Apple Distinguished Educator community. This time around it was even more fun because I was in a virtual team – together with colleagues sitting in the UK and the USA.

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