PDFs on iPad

Untold numbers of educators worldwide are mastering digital workflows, while facing the challenge of teaching virtually during this pandemic era. As such, those who have recently joined and are now active in educator communities on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are asking questions and sharing their findings and expertise with colleagues across the globe, also developing the potential of software for pedagogical purposes in ways previously unknown

One question that regularly comes up in these online groups is the question of how to deal with PDFs and/or worksheets. Many teachers want to know how to have students enter text or interact with text on a pdf, like a worksheet. Understandable, yes, since a pdf is one of the most common document formats. Why wouldn’t they expect to have an online document that contains interactive fields that can be used on any device?

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And the learning (and the teaching) goes on!

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Home schooling, remote teaching, distance learning, online classes. This has become the new normal for hundreds of millions of teachers worldwide facing forced lockdowns – disrupting the lives of many more students and their families in every country that has introduced social distancing during to the spread of COVID-19. In Austria, we’ll enter our third week tomorrow since learning was shifted online, on 16 March. In these few weeks we’ve all learned a lot – teachers, students and parents. We’ve learned about things we never thought we could do. We’ve learned how to make the best of a less-than-ideal situation. But we’ve also learned what is possible. Here’s how I’ve been managing my classes in this online phase.

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Lernen mit dem Logbuch

Im vergangenen Schuljahr durfte ich in einem Team von Lehrpersonen mitarbeiten, wo wir zum ersten Mal eine Ganztagesklasse betreut haben. Für die Organisation des Lernens führten wir, ebenfalls zum ersten Mal, das Arbeiten mit einem Logbuch ein. Wie haben wir das gemacht und wozu? Welche Vorteile haben sie geboten? Und wie haben wir sie für das nächste Jahr optimiert?

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10 reasons (I think) teachers should use Evernote

Recently I was invited to hold a short workshop at an educational conference here in Austria on using Evernote as a teacher.

Evernote has been part of my extended brain for many years now. It is literally a catch-all, hold-all, find-all media library – where I collect and organize all types of materials, information, snippets and tidbits that I use for the preparation, delivery and organization of my classes. I thought I’d post the reasons here on why I recommend teachers use it, and why I think it has the potential to enrich your workflow.

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