10 reasons (I think) teachers should use Evernote

Recently I was invited to hold a short workshop at an educational conference here in Austria on using Evernote as a teacher.

Evernote has been part of my extended brain for many years now. It is literally a catch-all, hold-all, find-all media library – where I collect and organize all types of materials, information, snippets and tidbits that I use for the preparation, delivery and organization of my classes. I thought I’d post the reasons here on why I recommend teachers use it, and why I think it has the potential to enrich your workflow.

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Learning to Manage Learning – Why I opted for Google Classroom

Post-it Notes

I read yesterday that Adobe is working on its own LMS, even though there may be already over 600 in existence! This epitomizes the challenge posed to us educators. Finding the „best“ solution for our classroom needs means investigating the offerings, evaluating them, then choosing the right one. In the educational sector there are so many being used that it’s hard, even for connected teachers, to gauge the added value of each, to be able to make this kind of decision.

I myself tried to get my head around two this past year – Moodle and LMS.at (an Austrian LMS), which have a great number of useful features like timed assignments, calendar, grading, course administration, communication etc. LMS.at is visually more appealing to me than Moodle and has the advantage that it is adapted for the Austrian school system. Still both left me with a feeling of „not quite what I need“. Moodle seems to be the number one choice in education and in business, but I checked out many others like Edmodo, Schoology, Blackboard, Fishtree, Chalkup, not to mention the ones that each publishing house seems to build as an accompaniment to their printed or electronic publications. With so many to choose from, it’s important to me to find something with a manageable learning curve for both students and fellow teachers (who may be eLearning beginners), with an attractive UI and with a simple, easy-to-use workflow. I settled on Google Apps for Education and Google Classroom. Here’s why:  „Learning to Manage Learning – Why I opted for Google Classroom“ weiterlesen