50 Days of Keynote

Hello everyone! 😀

Those of you who are active on Twitter these days will have already seen that I have started a crazy project and voluntarily added to my own heavy workload. With my little Twitter challenge project 50daysofkeynote I will be presenting 50 things you can create in the classroom with this versatile app. Similar to 90DaysOfGarageband, this will mean I will post daily ideas on concrete learning products that can be created using only Keynote. Why have I decided to do this?

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Inspired by #ADE2019

What is #ADE2019 and ADE Institute all about? The problem is, if you’ve been to one, then you know what it’s like. If you’ve never been, it’s hard to imagine it.

The hashtag stands for the current institute or event for educators who have had experience with teaching with iPads or Macs from a certain region. There are currently three regions – EMEIA, Asia-Pacific and the America. I was inducted into the community in Europe in 2017 and was privileged to attend the global event last year in Texas as well. This year’s EMEIA event was again in Noordwijkerhout in the beautiful Netherlands.

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Austin, oh Austin! Reflections on the Worldwide ADE Institute 2018

Austin, Texas (USA) was the place chosen as a backdrop for this year’s Worldwide ADE Institute, an conference for teachers and educational professionals, who specialise in using Apple technologies for teaching and learning (called Apple Distinguished Educator – ADE). Going from Monday to Thursday, it was jam packed with workshops, presentations, conversations and new connections – a week of impressions, inspiration and ideation on a most intense, pleasurable level. #SPOILERALERT It was a fantastic experience!   „Austin, oh Austin! Reflections on the Worldwide ADE Institute 2018“ weiterlesen