Keynote Activity Chart for English learners for Grammar Review

During the COVID-19 shutdown, I created an activity for my students to do every day. I called it „10 minutes for English“ and it was designed to help them revise grammar that they had learned over the past few years, in a personalised monthly chart format.

Since we were doing everything online, I sent them the chart so they can have a handy overview, then created a table with these same daily tasks, with spaces for them to input their work and for me to provide feedback. The charts contained hyperlinks which took them to online resources like Kahoot quizzes and English grammar exercise pages.

English Activities for May 2020

In my real world (absent of 1:1 iPads) I had to do everything using Teams and OneNote, which worked very well as I could log on at any moment and give feedback on the students‘ work.

Screenshot of a student’s work

Many students chose to do the tasks with audio, which is quick and easy, not to mention really cool to hear their voice!

Screenshot of a student’s work using audio

All in all the activity went very well and I heartily recommend it for remote teaching. If you are in 1:1 iPad environment, I have created a temple in Keynote, showing how it can be adapted – attached. 

Please feel free to adapt and let me know how you are using the idea.