How do YOU mindmap? Let us count the ways

I was recently in a training session in a small group of educators when we were tasked by the instructor to create a mindmap on a relevant topic of our subject curriculum. We all got to work and voilà! Each one of us created a mindmap, using different apps in each case, save one. I was amazed at the possibilities, not having realised the myriad options at our disposal. Here is a list of the apps we used.

Mindmaps can be drawn by hand or by shapes, lines and arrows, or by using dedicated mindmap software. A bit THANK YOU to my colleagues who agreed to have their mindmaps featured here.

Drawing apps

I used Adobe Draw to create a sketchnote, which differs slightly from a mindmap in that it uses more visual elements than text to highlight points, rather than connecting main and subordinate points.


Samuel used Paper by 53 to create a visually striking sketchnote.

Note-taking apps

Joe used Apple Notes
Other possibilities: Evernote, Nebo, Notability, OneNote

Mindmap apps

Sonja and Klaus-Jürgen used Simple Mind+


Barbara used Mindnode

Sabine used Mindmeister


Klaus used Popplet 


Other possibilities: iThoughts, MindMup, Coggle

Presentation apps

Tracey used Pages

Other possibilities: Keynote, PowerPoint, Prezi, Explain Everything

We were in a group of teachers using Apple technologies, hence we used iOS or MacOS apps, yet there are several options on other platforms (or on multiple platforms) as well. Here again are our mindmaps collected.

A lot of the above-mentioned apps are also workable in a browser. Many of them also allow collaboration, which is a big plus for the 21st century classroom.

The possibilities to mindmap seem to be endless.

How do YOU mindmap?