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Alicia Bankhofer

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  • Diploma in Journalism and Communication Sciences, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
  • Bachelor of Arts in Joint Modern Languages - French and German, University of London, UK
  • Bachelor of Education in Information and Communication Pedagogy, University of Teaching College, Vienna, Austria


I teach ICT and English at Lower secondary school level in Vienna, Austria. Thanks to my additional role as eLearning coordinator, I've specialised in Mobile Learning, Flipped Learning and Game Based Learning. Teaching with technology - with mobile devices such as tablets and the internet - has expanded my teacher toolbox and enriched the learning experience immensely.

My learning environments are interactive and student-centred, providing personalised learning paths. I like to motivate my students by giving them challenges, allowing them freedom of choice and method where possible as well as posing problems for them to solve.

In recent years, I've had the privelege to work closely with eLSA (now eEducation) in helping to promote and develop strategies for eLearning in daily school life. I've also held seminars and workshops on various eLearning topics.


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